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Every company working in the Built Environment today faces unprecedented risks from data.

Whether you collect it on buildings, staff or clients effective use of data can bring enormous benefits, but also huge risk. All companies face loss of business, brand damage or huge fines if they do not plan properly.

The Property Data Risk kit helps you take the first steps towards understanding, prioritising and mitigating the risks that your business faces.

PDR price v2.0.png


PDR Register.png

A property data focused risk register template that you can use to help understand and manage the risks that your business faces from the growing reliance and influence of data

PDR process.png

All of the details, processes and methodology to run a comprehensive data risk program for your business.

PDR risks.png

A summary of the major risks that the property sector faces from data. We’ll get you going and make sure that you are quickly on the right track.

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