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Real Estate research

An understanding of where the market is to today and where it is going is vital for any organisation to thrive. 

We carry out research projects for the real estate sector, individual companies and people looking to invest in the Real Estate space with a particular focus on digital transformation and innovation.

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The LIQUID Report

Commissioned by the BPF, a report exploring the digital transformation of real estate in the UK, how it is positioned on a world stage and steps needed to keep it as a world leader.



March 2019

Commercial Property Valuations :

A time of change


A report exploring the future of commercial valuations, the role technology will play and challenges the sector must address.

November 2019

Publicly published reports - Lead Author

Data Standards report front cover.png

The role of standards in enabling a data driven UK real estate market

Supported by the UCEM ‘Harold Samuel Research Prize’ a report exploring the standards that influence data today and the challenges that the sector must address to enable data to more freely and effectively be used across the sector.

September 2020

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Data ethics in real estate - the next decades biggest challenge

A report exploring what data ethics is, how it applies to real estate. The report explores some of the challenges that the sector must tackle head on as we become ever more data driven.

May 2021

LIQUID Workplace app report.png

Workplace App review

Review of workplace apps available in the market and some of their different features and characteristics.

(Joint author)

June 2019

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